Mark Simmons Nicolson’s Gold


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Rob Nicolson, former Marine Commando returns in his second adventure after Room 39 and The Cornish Legacy.

In Nicolson’s Gold Major Lanyon told Rob it was a private job and he would ‘not be working for the firm’ MI5. Rob does not trust Lanyon never mind his Guards tie and Saville Row suit. He had nearly got him killed last time. But a thousand pounds tax free for two days work in Liverpool, sorting some old books had its attractions. It would never cost that in expenses, Ron was ‘spending the surplus in his mind already.’

Yet Rob was right to be wary, he would soon be tangling with the Fenian Brotherhood, on the hunt for the lost treasury of the Confederate States, said to be worth millions but where was it? Rob is forced to put his life on the line to protect Britain’s oldest and most closely guarded secret. But is the secret a trap in itself into which Rob could fall?

Mark Simmons Nicolson’s Gold Publisher CreateSpace 2017 softback 231 pages new



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