My name is Mark Simmons; welcome to my website. I’m a writer of espionage books, both fiction and non-fiction. My first book about Ian Fleming, Ian Fleming & Operation Golden Eye: Keeping Spain out of World War II, was favourably reviewed in the New York Times and was followed in 2020 by Ian Fleming’s War: The Inspiration for 007. 

For many years I have also run an online book shop selling a wide range of second-hand titles. Visit my eBay store to see the full range.


You can purchase the full range of my books in my new online shop. From my fiction novels to my non-fiction titles, all can be purchased directly from myself. Kindle books also available via a link to Amazon.

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Latest Release

Memories and Echoes

By Mark Simmons

For over thirty years I have been travelling to the USA and explored the background of the Civil War. It is a strange and often amusing odyssey largely across the Southern States this is that story.

My latest blog posts

Palestine Patrol

   The problems of Palestine, long before it became the modern State of Israel, had begun decades before 1920 when Britain was granted a mandate over the country after World War I. Ratified by the League of Nations in 1922 which terminated in 1948. In those...

The Joys of Publishing with Amazon KDP.

   We produced new paperback editions of The Serpent and the Cross, Shadows Washed in Blood, Room 39: And the Cornish Legacy, and From the Foam of the Sea. Three of them also as e-books, we did have some glitches with this but overcame them. The covers were...


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