Mark Simmons Agent Cicero


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Working for the British ambassador in Ankara in 1943, Bazna photographed top-secret documents and sold them to the Nazis. So started his career as a ‘walk-in’ a freelance spy whose loyalties lay with the highest bidder. His codename was Cicero.

But a beautiful woman was to end it all. Cicero was compromised by an American-controlled agent working at the German Embassy, who obtained his codename and discovered that he was working at the British Embassy. He fled and narrowly avoided being captured by the tipped-off British. Finally free, he realised the money was worthless-most of it was counterfeit, produced by the Nazi scheme Operation Bernhard. The sources are top-secret files from MI5, MI6 and the CIA that produces this astonishing story.

Mark Simmons Agent Cicero: Hitler’s most successful Spy. Publisher Spellmount first published in 2014 new Paperback edition published 2023 242 pages new.


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