Away from writing one of my main interests is motoring, motor racing, and model cars. For many years I have been a keen member of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club and have written several articles for the club magazine Alfa Romeo Driver. There I said away from writing near impossible for an author.  The Cornwall branch is pretty active led by Greg Solman contact at [email protected] met many great people over the years and motored to some wonderful events.

Years before I had even driven an Alfa I was a keen Jaguar driver and after many years a few months ago acquired another Jag so will be joining the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club  in the near future.

For a couple of years now I have been running a YouTube channel about cars Mainly Italian Motors @mainlyitalianmotors1850 covering road tests, events, repairs, and models.

Now I was not going to mention writing but sorry I just had to mention this many years ago now, probably about twenty Margaret and I went to Lake Garda on holiday and hired an Alfa 156 with which we drove around most of the Mille Miglia route. That trip inspired me to write my second novel The Serpent & the Cross which petrol heads should know is the badge of Alfa Romeo and reversed the coat of arms of the city of Milan where Alfa’s were first made. Set largely in wartime Italy the story of Alfa Romeo at the time plays a large part in the book, as does the death of Benito Mussolini.

A few years ago for Alfa Romeo Driver mag I wrote a piece about our adventures during that drive I will reproduce the bones of it here in a future blog.

Ian Fleming and his creation James Bond were avowed petrol heads as well so another piece on their cars would be good. Tell me what you think always up for other ideas.

Wow that’s two to look forward to.